Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Day Five:  Smith College and Amherst College

The Ladies of Groton got up extra early to check out Northampton's premier Women's College, Smith.  Julia Child, Gloria Steinem, and Betty Friedan are alumnae.  However, you might not guess, but both Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan went there.

The day was beautiful, the facilities were amazing.  The networking is incredible, and the science and engineering building is as impressive as any facility in America.  The experience of a Women's college is unique, and is a worthy place to drop by, even if you've never considered one as part of your college search.

Out on tour with our Honduran tour guide.  23% international and among the top five elite institutions for promoting and enrolling students from economically diverse backgrounds in America.

...and the entire campus is an arboretum.  This is the Lyman Plant house.  Much greener than the Plants at Lyman House.

The boys showed up to Smith College in order to buy some t-shirts to show their support.

Then off we went to Amherst, where the campus, the tour guide, the info session and the wooly mammoth were all impressive.

Not to mention the view...

Back at Groton with no new dents to the Big Red Toaster Bus!

One last wait for families to arrive, and then summer vacation could officially begin.  For those of you future VI Formers who did not get an opportunity to come along with us, remember...

- Fill out your Common Application before the end of summer.
- Churn out a couple attempts, and at least one completed essay this summer.
(Secret hint from our info session today about your essay...  Don't make the mistake of not having your essay show your ability to intellectualize your experiences.  An essay about the most unique experience will not be useful unless it shows your intellectual interest, excitement, and academic abilities as connected to that experience.  It can be an essay that shows "who you really are," but mostly, the elite institutions of higher education want to know that "who you really are" is someone who is academically engaged with the world, and consistently viewing the world in an intellectually curious way.)

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