Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Day Four:  Middlebury College and Williams College

Today saw more rain, but also more sunshine.  More importantly it introduced a herd of zebras to the NESCAC.  Without surprise, Groton students overwhelmingly found the combination of small size, and incredible resources of these two fantastic examples of New England Small Liberal Arts Colleges familiar, comforting, and inspiring.

The tour guides were smart, the buildings were full of unique and interesting spaces, the staff and faculty were warm and inviting.  The admissions requirements were daunting.  This was familiar territory.

If you like libraries, (and I like libraries) this one really sets a standard that is hard to match.  Plus, it is full of Panthers.  Nothing makes you less likely to leave your study carroll than knowing that there are panthers on the loose.

 Ah, a couple happy chaperones.  Craig's sister was Midd '99, and it was nice to be back on a familiar campus.

 Vermont appears to be overfilled with rocks.  Middlebury has attempted, with great success, to build every structure out of as much rock as possible.   The effect is one of epic beauty.  This particular pile of rocks looked better with a few Grotonians on it.

Ah, one of the benefits of a small liberal arts college is personalized interaction.  Groton's Middlebury rep made space to meet with the group twice, and have a personalized session with Ms. Lyman to talk shop.  The Groton bus reminded her of her time in Sri Lanka, where all the busses are red.

Drive-up service at the ole A&W Rootbeer Shoppe?  Well, kinda.  The Toaster was a little too big to fit under the roof.  But our waitstaff came on the bus to take our order.

That giant blank space you see, might be the result of Williams being SOOOOO exciting that Ms. Lyman was unable to find a moment to take the camera out of her pocket to capture what was another amazing campus, filled with more amazing people.

Vietnamese dinner!  The XC and Track Coach from Amherst College took some time out of his busy evening schedule to stop in and enjoy some spring rolls and bubble Tea.  Thanks Coach Nedeau!

Downtown Amherst, as night falls.  Only one more day of touring to go!  Next up, a premier Women's College, and then the home of the Lord Jeff's.  

Celebrating the last remaining light of a Flag Day spent with good friends.

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